H O N O R I N G   T H E    P A S T

All hail the innovators.
The ones that got us to where we are today. 

 What are Bellows anyhow? 

 "Bellows" can only be used in the plural form, sorry no bellow here, but we don't really care how you say it. The Old English name for 'bellows' was blǽstbęl(i)g, blást-bęl(i)g 'blast-bag, blowing-bag'; (WHAAAAAAAT) the prefix was dropped and by the eleventh century the simple bęlg, bylg, bylig ('bag') was used. The word is similar in its etymology with "belly".There are "seems like"words in Old Norse, Swedish, and Danish, but the derivation is not certain. 'Bellows' appears not to be cognate with the apparently similar Latin follis.

 Here are a few of those oldies but goodies.

 Fireplace Bellow 3 Of 7 Vintage Wood Leather Fireplace Bellow Blower With Brass Eagle And Tacks Fireplace Bellows Lowes

Wanna get really geeked out?

check this out. 
As much as we love the heritage and craft behind the original fireplace bellows, we simply needed to bring the design and materials into something we could see in the worlds most discerning homes.